Date: 11/21/2010

Study And Work

Help me! I want to have a good career but no quality jobs accept people with low paper qualifications :( I WANT to study further but it cost lots of money.. To get that money, i have to endure and take up shitty jobs to earn that amount for a cert in any disciplines.. If only i study hard during my schooling ears crying.GIF What do i do now? Will i ever succeed in life? Will i work as a scientist, educator, lawyer, store manager, francise owner, senior surgeon, banker, broker, criminal forensic team, hostage neigotiator, lol.GIF fashion show host... Or will i be a prime mover, pests supervisor, condo security guards, crane operator, zookeeper, delivery driver, cook assistant, retail assistant or flyer distributor and outdoor sales marketer and bellman? Its is indeed cruel place to live this world... I will go for at least a bachelor honours..